The Benefits of Wine

Sitting down at my family dinner table one night, my brother brought out a bottle of wine and poured my family a glass each. I being a non-drinker refused the glass, however my brother vehemently insisted that I take it and drink it for the good of my health. My health? I’m supposed to drink alcohol to better my health?

It’s true actually. Studies have shown that those that consumer moderate amounts of alcohol on a regular basis are at a lower risk of heart disease. This is more prevalent in studies done with wine than with any other alcohol. Studies with red wine have even shown to help prevent cancer. This is thought to be due to the presence of a chemical called resveratrol in red wine.

Resveratrol is produced by the natural reaction of grape skins to the yeast used in the fermentation process of red wine. Resveratrol combined with antioxidants and flavanoids present in the wine are all thought to help contribute to the health benefits of wine. Recent studies have even shown that the regular and moderate consumption of wine may actually help to reduce signs of aging and promote a longer life span.

Amazing isn’t it? That small vice of having a glass of wine with your dinner has turned out to be a healthy practice. Now this isn’t to say that everyone should suddenly start to drink red wine daily. As always with alcohol certain precautions must be taken. First it is wise to take in wine with a meal and not alone, and of course do so when it will not be a hindrance and put you or those around you in danger.

Also certain medications are not to be taken with alcohol so make sure that any prescription medication you take is safe to take in with a moderate amount of alcohol. Those with asthma should also take precautions as sulfites that are naturally present in wine may cause restricted breathing and other allergy symptoms.

Of course a serious concern anytime alcohol is consumed is to make sure that you do not overindulge yourself. A glass or two is all that is needed to take in the benefits from drinking the wine. Drinking too much can lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels and over time cause damage in the liver leading to cirrhosis.

Just remember that the key to the health benefits of red wine are moderation and regularity. It will not help to go out and drink a bottle one night and never drink it again. Try going to a winery and ask for suggestions for first time drinkers and find a taste that you like.

When you’ve found something you like keep a few bottles in a cupboard and have a glass with dinner a few times a week. Drinking a glass of wine every now and then doesn’t seem like too harsh of a routine does it? Especially when there are so many health benefits that comes from it.